Upgrade Tecrider to the Pro-Version

Register for free to be able to save/open your stage plot, export it as a PDF file and to print it out. If that isn't enough, consider upgrading to a higher version! This will allow you to rotate the items and offers much more icons to choose from and raises the limit of allowed objects on the stage. The Ultra version is a lifetime deal that will also hide any advertisements. All payments are non-recurring, you will not be charged periodically.

That's the difference


  • Drop up to 15 icons
  • Choose from 69 objects
  • 30 days duration
Regular $6.99
Limited offer!


  • Rotate Icons 360°
  • Drop up to 100 icons
  • Choose from 200+ objects
  • Colored icons
  • Lifetime deal
  • No Advertisements
Limited offer!
Regular $36.99


  • Rotate Icons 360°
  • Drop up to 25 icons
  • 189 objects available
  • 1 year duration
Regular $19.99
Limited offer!
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